The shock of recent global crises contributed to widening the gap between business and society. The image of companies devoted to the common good as Peter Drucker could introduce them in the early 1950s gradually sank into oblivion for the benefit of much more critical representations. The most recent years even conducted to consider that business could act against society.

It is high time to favour research and educational programmes that analyse under which conditions business can (or actually does) interact positively with its social and natural environment. Said differently, it is high time to stop juxtaposing Business and Society as matters of fact, in order to start examining Business for Society as a project. Thus, exploring ways and methods, identifying actors and contexts that allow organisations to contribute to sustainable development is essential.

The objective of our SIG is to bring together scholars from various fields of social sciences (management, law, sociology, economics, political science, education, social psychology, history, philosophy, engineering, etc.). We aim to build, through our exchanges, a community of engaged scholars sharing a strong interest for B4S meaningful issues and fully grasping the ambiguities, contradictions, and potential for innovative and transformative practices of the B4S project.

Business for Society is open to various approaches: CSR, Business Ethics, Social issues in management, Stakeholders Management, Alternative Business Models and Sustainable Management among others.


We welcome:

  • Theoretical, methodological and/or empirical works,
  • Managerial (strategy, finance, marketing, HRM, control, etc.) environmental or more social/political and multidisciplinary orientation,
  • Micro, Meso (for instance, sector/global value chain or region) or macro lenses,
  • Diachronic (historical) and/or synchronic studies,
  • Classical, constructionist/institutionalist or critical analyses,
  • Research or pedagogical orientations.

See details on website of EURAM 2017, See details on conference website  and choose the one related to your paper or propose your paper to the B4S General track which invites contributions from all areas related to Business for Society that are not explicitly covered by other tracks within the SIG.


News form Glasgow Conference - Euram 2017

Dear member of the EURAM Business for Society SIG,

EURAM 2017 was successfully organized in Glasgow.

In the Business for Society SIG we had 82 (check) accepted papers, organized and managed (n) sessions within the different tracks: Business for Society General Track; Accounting, Finance, Reporting and Control for Society; Rethinking the Form Governance & Legal Constitution of Corporations’ Theoretical Issues & Social.

As next SIG Chair I would like to express sincere thanks for all the time and efforts invested by past chair, track chairs, session chairs and discussant, and not least everyone that contributed by reviewing and presenting papers for the SIG. Business for Society is a growing and challenging project built on the commitment of its members. This year we welcome new colleagues engaged in the SIG activities, this truly reflects the growing energy of our community.  

During the SIG kick-off, our members had the occasion to share opinions, idea and reflections about SIG and its future direction. The Business for Society Team presented during the kick-off a call for papers for Society and Business Review, titled “From Business and Society to Business for Society Coming back to a sounder relation between knowledge and organization“, that recalls and embraces the real SIG philosophy and purpose to explore ways, methods and actors that allows organisation to contribute to sustainable developement.

In addition, during the conference, was born another project related to our SIG and consisting in a launch of a book series on Business for Society in collaboration with Routledge.

Our scholar community can assert that the Conference held in Glasgow was a great occasion to make connections and collaborations among academics, institutes, departments and related fields.

Finally, at the end of the conference, the following authors were nominated for the awards:

Elisa Truant (University of Turin), Daniela Argento (University Kristienstad), Francesca Culass (University of Turin), that received the B4S SIG Best Paper Award;

Lamberto Zollo (University of Florence), Massimiliano Pellegrini (University of Rome Tor Vergata), Guglielmo Faldetta (Kore University of Enna) & Riccardo Rialti (University of Florence), and to Vicent Tortosa-Edo (Jaume University) that won the Business for Society General Track Best Paper Award;

Lucia Michela Daniele and Francesco Gangi (Università degli Studi della Campania), won the Best paper Award for Standing Track “Accounting, Finance, Reporting and Control for Society”;

Alexander Pepper (LSE, London), that received the Best Paper Award for the Track “Rethinking the form, governance & legal constitution of corporations: theoretical issues and social stakes”.


Enjoy Business for Society project:



The B4S SIG team,

Francesco Gangi, SIG Chair

Jérôme Méric, past SIG Chair

Corinne Vercher-Chaptal, Programme Chair

Edoardo Mollona, General Track Chair

Lucia Michela Daniele, Communication Officer