The shock of recent global crises contributed to widening the gap between business and society. The image of companies devoted to the common good as Peter Drucker could introduce them in the early 1950s gradually sank into oblivion for the benefit of much more critical representations. The most recent years even conducted to consider that business could act against society.

It is high time to favour research and educational programmes that analyse under which conditions business can (or actually does) interact positively with its social and natural environment. Said differently, it is high time to stop juxtaposing Business and Society as matters of fact, in order to start examining Business for Society as a project. Thus, exploring ways and methods, identifying actors and contexts that allow organisations to contribute to sustainable development is essential.

The objective of our SIG is to bring together scholars from various fields of social sciences (management, law, sociology, economics, political science, education, social psychology, history, philosophy, engineering, etc.). We aim to build, through our exchanges, a community of engaged scholars sharing a strong interest for B4S meaningful issues and fully grasping the ambiguities, contradictions, and potential for innovative and transformative practices of the B4S project.

Business for Society is open to various approaches: CSR, Business Ethics, Social issues in management, Stakeholders Management, Alternative Business Models and Sustainable Management among others.

We welcome:

  • Theoretical, methodological and/or empirical works,
  • Managerial (strategy, finance, marketing, HRM, control, etc.) environmental or more social/political and multidisciplinary orientation,
  • Micro, Meso (for instance, sector/global value chain or region) or macro lenses,
  • Diachronic (historical) and/or synchronic studies,
  • Classical, constructionist/institutionalist or critical analyses,
  • Research or pedagogical orientations.

See details on website of EURAM 2017, See details on conference website  and choose the one related to your paper or propose your paper to the B4S General track which invites contributions from all areas related to Business for Society that are not explicitly covered by other tracks within the SIG.


Preparing “B4S in Glasgow” with our members!


Dear members and newcomers,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to the « B4S in Glasgow ». As with the past conferences, this one will be a great moment for exchange and debates.

Building on the success of the EURAM edition in Paris, we will be renewing the same standing tracks in Glasgow:

ST 01_01 Accounting and Control for Sustainability

ST 01_02 Finance, Economy and Society

ST 01_03 Institutional change, Power, Resistance and Critical Management

Renewing thematics and providing perspectives for future standing tracks was also our commitment, and excellent proposals have been submitted this year to help achieve this goal. Here are the new promising tracks that we will welcome in Glasgow:

T 01_04 Developing Leadership for Complexity - Critical Approaches to Coaching & Other Helping Practices

T01_05 Marketing for society,

T01_06 Rethinking the Form, Governance & Legal Constitution of Corporations

T01_07 Global Performance and Integrated Reporting

T 01_08 Describing Work and Action from Ontology to Politics in Management

T 01_09 Managing Business NOT as Usual: Rethinking Regulation and Productive Systems


Proponents are preparing challenging symposia, also.


For more details on the tracks sponsored by our SIG, check B4S programme for 2017 conference, or go on conference website  and choose the track related to your paper or propose your paper to the B4S General track which invites contributions from all areas related to Business for Society that are not explicitly covered by other tracks within the SIG.

We aim at making Business for Society as a strong community within EURAM, where people want to come back every year and participate to any extent in-between. To do so, we need committed members, and we are used to collaborating with people who act as such. The conference is not just a place where people present their papers and leave. We hope to see you so numerous and engaged as in Paris next year in Glasgow!

For our next conference in Glasgow, papers must be submitted by the 10th of January 2017 - 2 pm Belgian time. Please find more information here:


Additional information

Just a short reminder of other key information:

  • EURAM and specially B4S is a place for initiating projects. The 2014 conference In Valencia allowed many members of the conference to gather and publish the “International Perspectives on Crowdfunding: Positive, Normative, and Critical Theory” (J. Meric, I. Maque, J. Brabet eds., Emerald).
  • A call for a special issue of the Society and Business Review “From business and society to business for society: coming (back) to a sounder relation between knowledge and organization” is specially devoted to help our community build on a common engagement regarding knowledge creation in our fields. It should be made public next November/December.
  • Here is the address to the website where one may find academic and NGO resources for research and teaching, identify contacts for collective research or teaching projects, or contribute to each one’s academic production on this issue. 


We are looking forward to receiving (the best) news from our members and newcomers!


The B4S SIG team,

Jérôme Méric, SIG Chair

Rémi Jardat, past SIG Chair

Corinne Vercher-Chaptal, Programme Chair

Francesco Gangi, General Track Chair

Asmaé Diani, Communication Officer