In 1927 Gino Zappa published the famous inaugural speech entitled “Tendenze nuove negli studi di Ragioneria” ("New Trends in Accounting Studies") which lays the foundations of Italian Science in “Economia Aziendale” (Business Economics and Management Studies).

Today, ninety years later, the National Conference 2017 of Italian Academy of “Economia Aziendale” (AIDEA) celebrate that relevant event, inviting Italians and foreign scholars to join the Conference entitled "New Trends in Business Economics and Management Studies. Rewriting the relationship between business and society”, which will take place in Rome on 14 and 15 September 2017.

The AIDEA 2017 National Conference wants to be a fruitful forum to discuss and exchange ideas about the future trends of Business Economics and Management Studies, especially in light of the profound and disruptive transformations in technological, political and socio-economic contexts in recent decades.

In such a scenario of intense and revolutionary global changes, our disciplines are strategic in recovering a symbiotic and ethical relationship among growth, innovation, and transformations of business and society.

The Scientific Community increasingly feels the need for a dialogue and for an interdependent, transverse vision among the various Business Economics and Management disciplines that, despite their specificity, can receive inspiration from the unitary and still relevant common matrix.

For these reasons, AIDEA believes that the 2017 National Conference, even more than in previous editions, could be a fertile opportunity to encourage the debate and the co-creation of knowledge between the various Business Economics and Management Scientific Associations (ADEIMF - Italian Association of Scholars of Administration and Management of Financial Institutions and Markets, AISME - Italian Academy of Commodity Administration, ASSIOA - Italian Association of Organization Studies, SIDREA - Italian Society of Accounting and Business Administrations Scholars, SIM - Italian Marketing Society, SIMA - Italian Management Society , SISR - Italian Society of Accounting History).

While respecting the different scientific domains developed over time in “Economia Aziendale”, the format of the sessions considers also various tracks aimed to attract contributions from different areas, in order to feed the dialogue and the co-creation of knowledge within our Scientific Community.

Session 1   - Ict, sustainability, regulation and uncertainty: evolution and perspectives in information and control systems;

Session 2   - Strategy, innovation, business model evolution and the growth of the start-up firm;

Session 3   - Change and innovation: analyzing organizational structures and behaviour;

Session 4   - Research perspectives in financial intermediation and corporate finance;

Session 5   - Competition and partnership in managing public organizations;

Session 6   -  Marketing challenges in the 21st century;

Session 7   - The role of strategy in creating and distributing corporate value;

Session 8   - An historical analysis of research and education practices: “Economia Aziendale” in Italian universities;

Session 9   - Generating and promoting a “culture of sustainability” via a multidisciplinary approach;

Session 10  - Journal of Management and Governance – Emerging issues in management and governance in the age of globalization, “low-rate world” and sustainability;

AIDEA invites all Italian and International academics (either AIDEA’s members or not) to submit their papers focusing on these aspects of Business Administration and Management (in their multiple aspects and analysis dimensions).

For any further information on the Conference contents, we kindly invite you to check the documents downlodable here, in which a specific call for papers is outlined for each session as well as for the Symposium organized by the Journal of Management and Governance.


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