Check out the newest issue of Human Resource Management Review, containing many exciting new insights relating to talent management, international HRM, employee relations, and several other topics.  

If you have, or are looking for, new theories, models, frameworks, insights, and a future research agenda for HR related topics, think of Human Resource Management Review as the place to start your search or the outlet for your conceptual/theoretical work.  Human Resource Management Review is also a great place to find both critical reviews and cutting edge thinking on the full range of HR and related topics if you are looking to refresh your reading list for next semester? Use the above link to search for articles.


Human Resource Management Review

Conceptual Development for Future Research

Volume 29, Issue 1, March 2019 



Employee recruitment and job search: Towards a multi-level integration 
     By Yalcin Acikgoz 


Elections and selection: The role of political ideology in selection decisions 
     By Andrew F. Johnson, Katherine J. Roberto 


Hunting while working: An expanded model of employed job search 
     By Juanita Trusty, David G. Allen, Frances Fabian 


Presenteeism: A review and research directions 
     By Daniela Lohaus, Wolfgang Habermann 


How far has international HRM travelled? A systematic review of literature on multinational corporations (2000–2014) 
     By Fang Lee Cooke, Geoffrey Wood, Meng Wang, Alex Veen 


The transnational family: A typology and implications for work-family balance 
     By Eunae Cho, Tammy D. Allen 


The emergence of Human Resource Management in China: Convergence, divergence and contextualization 
     By Cherrie Jiuhua Zhu, Malcolm Warner 


Fun in the workplace: A review and expanded theoretical perspective 
     By John W. Michel, Michael J. Tews, David G. Allen 


Why firms adopt empowerment practices and how such practices affect firm performance? A transaction cost-exchange perspective 
     By Yishuai Yin, Yue Wang, Ying Lu 


Corporate implementation of socially controversial CSR initiatives: Implications for human resource management 
     By Megan R. Turner, Tristan McIntosh, Shane W. Reid, M. Ronald Buckley


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