EURAM E-News, Quarterly, December 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Our research community investigates management issues and publishes new knowledge that is continuously being produced. Yet, the feedback that we receive from practitioners are mixed. While some are interested in what we do, many complain that our outputs (journal papers) are not easily readable or are not providing the practical answers - if not recipes – to what they are looking for. Many regret the “research-practice” divide that they observe, and some even claim that this divide is widening.

Obviously, all management research cannot be solely -and not even primarily- focused on addressing immediate practitioners’ needs. The research community has its own specific agenda, including building and testing new theories to bring light on the phenomena that we observe within and around organizations. Theoretical work, even when it may be distanced from practice, and novel ways of exploring issues are quite legitimate and necessary in our collective endeavour to better understand management. Yet, we also need to recognize that there are equally legitimate expectations out there, from practitioners who partake in the life of organizations.


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EURAM E-News, Quarterly, December 2018




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