The mission of this Special Interest Group (SIG) is to facilitate and promote the development and exchange of knowledge within all areas of International Management within and beyond the academic community. In line with the European Academy of Management’s (EURAM) mission this SIG aims to be an open, international and multicultural European forum for networking and research (theoretical, empirical and methodological ) related to International Management with a particular (but not exclusive) regional focus on Europe regarding (a) the SIG community and (b) the geographical scope of empirical or conceptual research.


SIG Chairs

Markus G Kittler (University of Stirling, UK) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lisa Siebers (Nottingham Business School, UK) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

07_00 International Management General Track

The SIG IM covers ALL subfields of International Management and International Business (e.g., cross-cultural management, strategy and structure of MNCs; cross-border activities of firms; the international business environment, comparative studies). As examples (rather than a comprehensive list), submissions could relate to international business strategy, functional perspectives, and cooperations across borders. Other relevant IB/IM topics and a cross-pollination of IB/IM with other fields stimulated by multi-disciplinary studies are very welcome. For the 2017 conference, we also explicitely invite research related to the challenges to communication in international settings.

ST 07_01 Expatriate Management

The topic of Expatriate Management usually involves physical international mobility for work purposes by skilled workers or professionals. Although the core of this topic includes internationally assigned business expatriates, it also includes alternative forms of global work where movement of people across national borders is becoming increasingly common. Therefore, Expatriate Management research also examines, for example, self-initiated expatriates, expatriate academics, short-term transfers, international business travellers, impetrates, and commuter assignments. Emerald Group Publishing and the Journal of Global Mobility (JGM): The Home of Expatriate Management Research have instituted an annual Best Paper Award for Expatriate Management papers at EURAM Conferences.

ST 07_02 SME Internationalisation 

Internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is not a novel phenomenon but an increasingly relevant component of research in the field of international business. This track invites traditional and conventional SME internationalisation research as well as fresh perspectives and critical thought on SME internationalization. We invite ALL empirical and conceptual submissions that take an international perspective on SMEs and microbusinesses.

T 07_03 Strategy, Management & Marketing in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets have continued to attract substantial amounts of foreign investments, thus becoming an attractive proposition as developed markets become saturated. Some of the fastest economic growth rates today are found in Africa. Yet, the risk of market failure across emerging markets remains due to various uncertainties associated with internal instability and external global shocks. Foreign firms face challenges of cross-cultural issues and understanding the institutional environment including the investment climate, employment issues and local consumers. Many do not respond to local institutions effectively. To gain a good understanding of local knowledge becomes vital. This call focuses on strategy, management and marketing issues in emerging markets, including Africa, BRICs, Latin America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia countries, and covers several inter-related topics, including transfer of management practices, firm internationalisation, and marketing strategies.

T 07_04 Cultural Interfaces in International Organizations

The track raises the questions of how, when and why cultural interfaces are present but not salient in international organizations, and also, what are the implications of cultural carelessness. Reciprocally, how intercultural knowledge may turn cultural diversity into organizational resources? The track builds on the discussion on international transfer and intercultural management and proposes to focus on a contextualized approach to the relationship between culture, organization and management. The track invites conceptual and empirical papers that enrich intercultural knowledge. Contributions employing multidisciplinary approaches and relying on insights from multiple cultural backgrounds as well as specific country contexts are encouraged.

T 07_07 International Competitiveness

The International Competitiveness track invites submissions of empirical and conceptual papers investigating Competitiveness in an international context. Scholars are invited to reflect on the determinants of competitiveness from bottom-up (micro or firm-level and mezzo or cluster-level) and top-down (mezzo or regional level and macro or national/international level) perspectives. Gaps at the intersection of management and economics literature around competitiveness lend themselves to conceptually relevant research, with high practical impact. International competitiveness is relevant in both developing and developed nations, addressing challenges of strategy, business development, firm growth and performance, sustainability, economic development and policy making in a globalised knowledge economy.


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